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Welcome to the official website for South Wake Preschool & Academy! We know a great deal of thought and consideration has gone into your choice for early childhood education services.

Be confident in the fact that you have selected the right place.  It is our mission to provide a caring and nurturing environment where your child can learn through chronologically and developmentally appropriate activities.


Our staff here at South Wake Preschool & Academy encourages family participation. Therefore, you are welcome in the center at any time during the day, whether it is for lunch, or to observe your child in the classroom, or to speak with the teacher, just know that your involvement is welcome


We look forward to caring for your child, while they learn through play, and we are excited to have you as part of our South Wake Preschool & Academy family.
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Preschool and Academy

As professionals in the childcare industry, we understand the importance of helping children off to an early and successful start in life.

“South Wake Preschool & Academy puts your child well ahead of the learning curve with their innovative approach to early childhood education.” Dr. Edward Fubara, Business Professor at Campbell University.“ The principals of South Wake Preschool & Academy are particularly committed to innovation, growth and the use of technology to continually challenge the children in our care, improve the skills of our staff and maintain high levels of parental involvement and satisfaction. “

Marco McNeill Member/Manager

We offer high quality, developmentally appropriate, early childhood education services second to none…

Health and Safety
South Wake Preschool & Academy maintains stringent health and safety practices. More>>

Educational Philosophy
Children come to us with the wonder, desire, and will to learn. Our job is to make sure they leave us with their inquisitive natures enhanced and with the discipline and tools to succeed.

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