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Infant program

InfantOur infant program offers an enriching environment designed to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional development of our youngest clients. Each infant will be allowed the opportunity to explore and learn at his/her individual pace. We surround babies with attractive pictures, mobiles, colors, and soft toys to stimulate exploration.

Our safe, age appropriate equipment, and soft cuddly toys are designed to meet each baby’s special developmental needs. We talk to infants, hold them, and rock them to encourage their overall development. We show each baby that his or her individual needs will be met and that this is truly a wonderful new world with all sorts of pleasant experiences. Once babies learn to trust, they can begin to respond openly and securely to new things, acquaintances, and challenges.


Toddler Program

ToddlerToddlers are able to experience the world in exciting new ways as they begin walking, talking, exploring on their own, and playing together. Our toddler program ensures each day is filled with new and exciting things to see and do. The combination of an enriched learning environment and personalized care helps toddlers learn and grow with confidence, building self- esteem to support successful learning in the years to come.

We  maintain clean, safe, and cheerfully decorated rooms supplied with plenty of skill developing toys. Through fun activities and gentle guidance, our teachers create a nurturing environment that stimulates learning in a calm and reassuring way. Teachers will know when to stand back and let each child explore, when to lend a hand, and how to use short, informal activities to encourage social development and friendships.


Preschool Program

Our preschool program help children build reading skills, self-confidence, and a love for learning. Our program offer learning and skill development tailored to specific age needs. Our program is based upon the latest research and best practices in child development and early childhood education. Our classrooms and playgrounds are designed to encourage safe exploration, allowing children to discover and have fun while they learn. Our preschool program is designed to be engaging and fun, so children not only learn, but develop a love for learning.


School Age Program

Our school age program is fun, interesting, and meshes seamlessly with students’ school curricula and homework assignments. Teachers provide encouragement and assistance as children work alone or in groups on theme-based projects specifically designed for school-age needs, interest, and developmental abilities. Children also have ample time to socialize, complete their homework, and play. Our program provides children with a safe alternative after school environment where free play, exploration and learning all happen together.


South Wake Preschool & Academy maintains stringent health and safety practices.

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We have different curriculums for infants and toddlers, two year olds, preschool kids and children of age.
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We have many different policies and procedures that help us run the facility so that all children get the proper attention and support they need.

These are a few of them:
1.Registration Procedure
2.Enrollment Procedure
3.Schedule Changes
4.Drop-off and Pick-up
5.Program Placement
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All of the above help create the proper atmosphere for all the persons involved in the facility.

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